iimt- school of management

ISM is one of the top business school in gurgaon offering PGDM programme AICTE Approved .IIMT school of management has a research based theory + practical teaching pedagogy for Modern times.

Objective & Academic Philosophy of IIMT school of management (ISM,gurgaon)

Objective IIMT school of management (ISM, gurgaon):
The goal of the School is to be an influential, high quality research-led, multidisciplinary business school which pursues excellence in research and teaching recognized by key stakeholders. The School aims to connect students, staff, and faculty with external constituents to stimulate the creation, dissemination, and application of business knowledge and information. It strives to make students become better decision-makers through critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication and develop the range of skills required of managers in a changing economic environment. The School aspires to prepare students to assume responsible positions in business organizations so that they acquire understanding of organizations and the management process and develop the ability to work effectively both independently and collaboratively. Its objective is to develop cross-functional core business competencies for the students so that they develop the ability to manage people, information, financial and physical resources to achieve business objectives in a team-based environment. The research activities will be conducted to encourage and provide opportunities for faculty to make peer-reviewed and other intellectual contributions which will serve students, peers, and the public.

It seeks to stimulate and promote activities to strengthen professional competency of the students and faculty through

a) Continuing education and lifelong learning for faculty, staff and working professionals
b) Research and development
c) Continuous innovation of methods of learning, teaching as well as research and development
d) Promote School - Industry - Govt. interface
e) Serve as a centre for generation and exchange of ideas among students, teachers, research organization
    and the state Govt. so as to promote entrepreneurial culture among students and to assist them through
    expertise available in the other institutions
f) Devise schemes and methods for effective periodic evaluation of performance of projects, faculties, staff
    and students, internal evaluation through academic and administration audit committees
g) Take steps for facilitating appropriate environment in the institutions of education to achieve harmonious
    relationship among teachers, students and staff

With the world moving towards the knowledge based society, the School will play a vital role in disseminating knowledge among the student community.

Academic Philosophy of IIMT school of management (ISM,gurgaon)
The academic activities will be driven by the philosophy to foster creativity in education and to use Research &Technology for education. The students will learn to be producers and creators of knowledge, rather than passive consumers of information. They will be trained to solve real-life problems and generate real solutions which are implementable. The learning process will be active, collaborative, inquiry-based; discussion-rich, project-driven, writing-intensive; and challenging, pushing students beyond what they think they can achieve.

The students will traverse through conceptual space and learn to Plan, Manage, Collect, Correlate, Discuss, Interpret, Analyze, Apply and Create solutions to practical problems. Classes will be built around experiential learning where students are pushed to their limits, to take conceptual framework and apply them. Teaching methods will include lectures and tutorials that emphasize experiential material and application.

Faculty will bring their broad-based experience into the classroom to enrich the teaching experience and to ensure that coursework reflects current industry practices. Regular visits to Organizations and Industries will be planned to make the students aware of the latest practices.

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